Nakuru State Prison Visit

Wangui’s Sewing Center
July 12, 2019
Kamagut Prayers Answered
July 27, 2019

“I was naked and you clothed Me; I was sick and you visited Me; I WAS IN PRISON AND YOU CAME TO ME.” Mat 25:36

For the first time in our life … my wife and I visited Christ in a prison. It was a very moving experience. We went with a friend of ours who works with the Nakuru prison inmates in Nakuru State Prison. Two hundred and fifty women, some living with their children, and all of them trying to endure their circumstances while making some sense of their lives.

The prison staff asked us if we would bring some teaching and encouragement to these incarcerated women. We said we would love to. As we began to talk about the Kingdom, the rest of the staff came out to listen. In the end, we asked if there were any who needed prayer and fifteen inmates came forward. We spent the next half hour to forty-five minutes praying for these women.

One young woman in particular, who was about to fulfill her time in prison, asked if we would specifically pray for her to know what to do after she gets out. Her release will be very soon. Her former existence consisted of being a 24-year-old drug dealer. She cried as she told us she didn’t want to go back to her old crowd or her old way of life. She was an orphan, had no family and nowhere to go.

We gave her our phone number and told her as soon as she got out, to come to Windy Hill and we would help her find a new family and begin a new way of life. She thanked us through her tears. Later, Emily the head prison officer expressed her gratitude and said she would let us know the day she gets out.

Emily then took us for a tour of the prison and asked us to help her to obtain cribs for the over forty infants incarcerated with their parents. The babies sometimes fall off the beds they nap on. All we can say is… God, give us the strength and wisdom to find your sheep among these women and help them to find their way into Your Kingdom.