An Amazing Story of God’s Wisdom and Grace
February 9, 2021
Piave Harvest Celebration
February 26, 2021

For quite some time we have been praying to our Father to open up a door in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital. Well, as of yesterday, it would appear He is beginning to do so.

Last Saturday we met some very wonderful people desiring to be trained in the work the Lord has given us to do. Peter and his wife Lillian, Adrian and Tom. They were referred to us by our brother Paul Pavao in America whom we trust and value his discernment.

At first, we were a little cautious, being that we get requests often from people wanting to unite with us. Unfortunately, most people want to unite with our wallets and not our hearts, so we requested that they come to Nakuru for a sit-down talk and discern meeting.

That meeting turned out to be a delightful revealing of both who we and they are. Four hours later, we were very much ‘pamoja’ (together). Spiritual discernment will usually manifest itself just by watching when and what they smile and amen about. It was easy to see that our Father had been teaching them the same things he has taught us. We especially want to train them in the formation of SGC (small group churches).

The population of Nairobi is around four and a half million people. Please pray for our coming together and that the Kingdom of the beloved Son would advance as we begin working together thru the ministry of StoneHouse and as always, thank you for all your prayers.