Much-loved People

Kids Sunday in Rigogo
June 24, 2019
Three Building Projects…
July 3, 2019

At the top of the category of much-loved people are Robin and her two daughters Cynthia and Kenzie. Robin has a ministry to children and women in Migori, Kenya. We have been friends for over three years and share the same heart for Kenya. They are presently living in the U.S. and visiting their ministry this month in Kenya.

We were honored to have Robin and the girls for a day and a half. On Saturday we had prearranged a luncheon, with some of our brothers and sisters here on Windy Hill and other missionary friends that knew her and the girls. It turned out to be delightful.

We had food, fun, fellowship and frolicking children playing everywhere. There was plenty of time to have some great discussions and catch up on what’s been happening in each other’s lives. The vittles were awesome… especially the deserts, so we ate till we were stuffed. Great day!