Mountain Men

Joy in Madeya
August 26, 2016
Missionary Fellowship
February 22, 2017

We were very grateful for the opportunity, provided by our good friend Terry Baucom, to begin training twelve hungry men in the Kericho county area. Located about a two and a half hour drive from Nakuru, in a small mountainous village school room, we were provided the setting to speak the gospel of the Kingdom. We further challenged these men to begin their journey into spiritual discipleship.

They were eager and excited to begin learning who and what Christ has called them to be… and to begin the training that would eventually lead them to disciple others. We spent all day delving into the meat of the scriptures. They emerged grateful and determined to hear more. We feel certain they will be joining the StoneHouse team. Pray for them… and us. A spark of the Kingdom fire is spreading across Eastern Kenya.