Miti Mingi

‘Farming … God’s Way’
April 14, 2019
It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood…
April 21, 2019

This last Sunday, was a special day for all of us. One in which we have been anxiously waiting to happen! The people of Miti Mingi began arriving this morning with a sense of expectancy in seeing something special. They were not disappointed.

Five people surrendered their lives to the King of the Universe and pledged fidelity to His Holy Spirit in training them to change their world, in preparation for His return. They left their allegiances and former relationships with this present age buried it under the water.

They emerged from that watery grave to breathe the heavenly air of the Kingdom. As one American stated… free at last, free at last… thank God in almighty… we are free at last. And now they are free. Free from the bondage to sin, free from the defilement of this wicked world, free from the tyranny of self-rule, free from fear of things present or things to come.

As they emerged from the cold waters of death, they were raised in the newness of Life amidst those who love them and have pledged their lives to their well being. Then, together, we ate the bread of Life.

We also laid hands on and prayed for the three young men who first came to Wangue to hear the stories of Jesus. It all began with them. Look out Nakuru… something ancient has been birthed.