Missionary Fellowship

Micro Loans… Macro Blessings
July 18, 2016
Battle at Solid Rock!
July 23, 2016

Missionary1Living as missionaries in Africa, we get to meet some really neat people. Every once in a while, we meet some very wonderful people. Like Dr. G R & Dr. M Egerton from Northern Ireland. Gilbert, Margret, their eighty six year old ‘granny’, their friend Violet and a couple (whose names escape me because I’m old), were traveling in Africa and happened to know a friend of ours in Nairobi, Kenya. Our friend suggested they stop in Nakuru and see what we were doing. So they did.

We had great fellowship. They treated us to a wonderful dinner at Gillani’s Restaurant (one of our favorites) and we talked into the night. It was delightful. We compared spiritual notes and found out we had similar hearts. Our Irish friends ministry can be found here….http://www.dorcasministries.org.uk/ … they are the executive directors of Dorcas Ministries International.

Missionary2The next day their team asked to see Solid Rock Christian Community and the StoneHouse. They were absolutely amazed and delighted with all the Lord has accomplished there. Afterwards Gilbert asked if he could pray a blessing on the land. We gathered our workers together and he began to pray. His prayer seemed to shake the ground. We were greatly encouraged but we are definitely going to need more workers.

We are asking the entire StoneHouse Family and all our StoneHouse friends to pray for us that we would be ready for the next level.

Blessings from Africa … The StoneHouse Family of Disciples