Domestic violence is common in Kenya. Seventy five percent of women expect to be abused by their husbands. Extreme poverty leads many women into abusive marriages by their hopes of a better life. Yet, a better life rarely happens. Our ministry provides these women with an alternative. We offer these women and teenage girls a chance to acquire a skill that will allow them the opportunity to earn a living for themselves and their children.

We have established a sewing school to teach them how to make clothing, school uniforms and crafts providing them items to sell and thus become self-employed. The school is taught and managed by Kenyans under SMI supervision.

Donations to the Sewing Center will help in paying the salaries for our teachers, rent and utilities for the classrooms. We need sewing machines, tables, chairs and basic supplies to equip the school for students in our classes. Your financial help will go a long way to enable us to empower these women.

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