StoneHouse Fellowship is the name of our growing church families in Kenya. We build church gathering places together with the Kenyans from a model of construction that is an attractive low-cost building.

At StoneHouse Nakuru, we have over a eighty members meeting together on Sundays and throughout the week in four church home groups. We now have fourteen other churches in Nakuru and in other outlying areas of Kenya.

We believe that what we teach must be demonstrated in our daily lives, so we work hard at taking care of each other and improving the communities we live in. We are also laboring to create small businesses for our members to enable them to sustain their own individual families.

We believe in a “holistic” concept of church life. This means that every area of our lives must come under the control of the Holy Spirit. We help our members with health, parenthood, marriage, ideas for earning a living, small business loans and anything else that pertains to this life.

Lastly, a comment concerning our youth. We are proud of this next generation of disciples. They have taken the responsibility and burden of bringing all the StoneHouse youth together. Each week they travel to a different church family to build up and include the youth of that church. Their heart is strong and they have purpose. Please pray for their continuance in this ministry.

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