Helping the destitute: the abandoned women, widows and orphans

Sometimes it is hard to imagine the inward desolation that can come on so many levels from being an abandoned wife, becoming a widowed woman with children, or being young and not having someone to love, provide for and protect you. These three categories of people are in abundance in Kenya, and especially so in the slums.

As previously stated, we instruct our church members to take care of the needy. But being poor themselves means that many times it is just not possible. Yet, we can honestly say that their inability has been our opportunity. Of all the promises given in the scriptures, taking care of these people allows you to reap the highest possible return. We have been here for almost five years and we have never ceased to be amazed at just how much God gives back, many times over, every shilling we have invested in the abandoned women, widows, and orphans.

Our greatest blessing is that He has increased our capacity to help others by partnering with other ministries.

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