Lack of spiritual maturity and discernment is the chief reason that so much evil has been allowed to creep into the churches here in Kenya. Yet there is a growing number of African leaders that want to change the low spiritual maturity level so lamentably found in many Kenyan churches. African Shepherds Alliance trains men and women who yearn to hear the voice of God and desire to see their churches become spiritually built up and biblically sound.

Our desire for the ministry is to bring leaders together to see a real spiritual change in their shepherding. We assist them in obtaining real spiritual food to feed themselves and their flocks.

African Shepherds Alliance begins by connecting its members together and periodically sending them teachings from like-minded spiritual men and women from around the world. We look for men and women who have yearned for the original faith that was delivered by Christ and His Apostles to His Church. This means a strict adherence to the rule and precedent of the scriptures.

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