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October 3, 2015
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November 24, 2015

Medical care in Kenya 

is comparatively low cost, but even so, many cannot afford to pay. 


We’d like to give you the opportunity to help. These are stories of children and adults with health care needs. Being able to get proper care can change the outcome of their lives in many ways.




Eunice Muthoni Njeru 

is a lovely 14 year old girl. She was born with bilateral cleft palate and cleft lip. She comes from a poor family and hasn’t been able to get all the surgery she needs to correct the problem. Here she is with her mother and the dentist, who will coordinate the different health care professionals, for her procedures. She’ll need teeth extractions, surgery to close the palate, and correctional braces. In the picture below is Eunice, her mother Monica, and John, who is part of the surgical team.


You can imagine from this picture the difficulties she faces everyday with eating and speech. You can help answer the prayers of this young teenage girl.

200,000 Kenya Shillings equals $2,000.00 and will allow her to get the surgery and treatment she needs.

Next, meet this darling little girl, named 

Winnie Adhiambo.


Winnie is a 4 year old girl born with scoliosis – curvature of the spine. She has never been able to stand or walk because of the lack of support from her spine. She also has club feet. 

You can see the curvature and the width of the spine.

The brace will provide support and help to straighten her back.



Both feet are clubbed making it impossible for her to bear her own weight.

The braces will help straighten her ankles 

so she can learn to stand and walk.

She’s had physical therapy for the past 2 years without much success. Recently, she was fitted for braces for her back and feet and is able to stand with help for the first time.


For now her handicap prevents her 

from being able to go to school…..

…. so her devoted mom is teaching her at home 

and carries her every where she goes. 
Here’s how you can help with her medical expenses:
Back Brace         $50.00 one time cost
Ankle Braces      $35.00 one time cost
Total:                  $85.00 one time cost
Medications        $40.00 a month
Massage oil           $8.00 a month
Physical therapy:   $8.00 a month


Total:                   $56.00 a month