Mary’s Moving In…

Kid's Day
April 29, 2017
May 8, 2017

Mary’s Moving In…

It was an exquisite morning and a beautiful evening of promise. The clouds looked like the ocean, it was
a good day for our beloved Mary from Keptembwa, to move into her new house.

With the help from ‘Heaven’s Family’ and our dedicated StoneHouse workers, who built Mary’s house we finally finished. We rejoiced when our Mary moved into her house today.

This means everything to Mary. Mary is a widow that had no place to go. But that… has all changed. Mary, now has her own plot and her own house. All she ever wanted was to raise her children and her orphaned grandson whom she has taken up in the grace of God. She is delighted… and so are we to help her.

Bless our heavenly Father and his heavenly family, who watches over the widows and orphans. Pray that our StoneHouse family increases and continues to show the love and provision of His Beloved Son.

There is no better way to obtain light and healing from our God than to take care of those who cannot take care of themselves. (Isaiah 58:5-10)