Margret’s Burial

A Pearl of Great Value
September 8, 2021
Miti Mingi Celebration
October 4, 2021

Last Saturday we laid to rest the body of Christ’s servant… Margret. Three to four hundred people were present. We were able to share the gospel of the Kingdom and the purpose of our lives here on this earth as disciples, to everyone present. Thanks to all who prayed for that.

Margret’s Life exemplified that purpose causing all those people to come and hear the message. Margret was faithful. Amy Carmichael, an extraordinary Scottish missionary working in India a hundred years ago, was quoted as saying … “Thank God that He expects faithfulness from us and not success.” The parable found in Math. 25: 14-30 describes what that faithfulness looks like.
It is not about how much you can accomplish, rather what did you do with what you were given. Are we faithful? All who call themselves Christians have been given a portion of Christ.

One given five talents, one with two and one with just one. This is not about money … but the only real ‘worth’ in Heaven and earth… His Life and love.

It is of note that the one given two talents received the same praise as the one given five. It was not about success God is looking for, (as in how much you do) but rather being faithful with what you are given.

The one who received just one talent had all kinds of excuses why he did nothing with what he was given. He said I was afraid, he said, … God is so exacting, (His commandments are so hard) and I am ill-equipped, so I did nothing but hid what He gave me in the ground (his flesh). His future was determined by that decision. The result was he lost what he had been given and was confined to a place of darkness, weeping, and gnashing of teeth. There is no darkness, weeping and gnashing of teeth in Heaven… think about that.

Yet, Margret was faithful with what she was given and is now experiencing unending fellowship with her Master and hearing… “Well done good and FAITHFUL servant”.