A Man Called Moses

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February 8, 2018
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March 12, 2018

A Man Called Moses

About a year and a half ago, a man called Moses, from the tribe of Masai, came to one of our Kingdom seminars in Nakuru, Kenya. He seemed deeply impressed with our people and the training they had received. He asked if he could be a part StoneHouse Ministries. Our advice, was for him to take some time, so we could get to know each other, which is the same counsel we give everyone who asks to join with us.

Six months later, returning from one of our apostolic trips, we stopped and visited Moses and his family. He asked us if we would help him begin a church there in his hometown of Namanga, which is located on the border of Tanzania. We advised him to begin by preaching the Kingdom and meeting with people in his house.

He then asked, if we could we help him build a small building, because his house was small. We explained to him that churches should start in homes and not buildings, to help the church become a family and not a religious organization. He said he understood, but that in Kenya … you are not a real church until you have a building.

We said, we understood that, all too well, but that this practice is not a biblical concept. Most all the first century churches began in homes… or … under a tree. He said he would trust us and do as we asked. Over the next year he continued coming to our seminars and preaching the gospel from his home in Namanga.

He began with teaching his family about the Kingdom of God and then started reaching out to others from his tribe and his neighbors. The Masai are hard to reach with the Kingdom gospel, because of their strong cultural ties, but with the help of his King … Moses gained a foothold.

The young church has been meeting in the shade of his front yard tree for a year, but recently, their numbers are now outgrowing the tree’s ability to shade them. So, we decided to build them a roof to gather under.

As Moses continued to be discipled and bring what he learned back to his people as he grew in wisdom and stature.

Last week, James and his wife Beatrice traveled to Namanga and for four days, with the help of Moses, erected the framework of the roof.

Moses deeded over a plot from his farm to build the roof, which will one day have walls and become a place to protect the saints from the sun and rain. After much measuring the construction began.

Some materials were hand carried to the construction site and some by truck.

Lumber and poles must be hand picked. All the bottoms of the cedar upright poles were treated with used motor oil.

All construction is done carefully and to exact specifications, so as to glorify our King in everything we do.

The heat … demands you rest often and drink plenty of water.

After the trusses are set everything is ready for the iron sheets.

Our church family in Namanga are so happy to see the progress and looking forward to the coming shade. On our next visit,  we will bring the iron sheets needed to provide our brothers and sisters the cool shade they so desperately need.

Not everyone could be present for the dedication… but much praise went up for this great blessing.

Just this simple structure is speaking to all Moses’s neighbors and the people in the surrounding area. They are beginning to ask if they can  help with the cost of the iron sheets. Like the Old Testament man he was named after, Moses of Namanga, has begun leading his people to the promised land … the Kingdom of God. Special thanks to Josh and Heather Friscea for funding this project. Praise the Lord for His goodness, to our family in Namanga!

Blessings from StoneHouse.