Letters from students

LEARN program enters the second term for the year 2015.
May 12, 2015
Godfrey Ngugi has been Sponsored!
August 11, 2015

Please consider supporting the L.E.A.R.N. program  
Letting Educational Adoption Reshape Nakuru. 


My name is Paris. I am in Class 3 at StoneHouse Academy. I come from a very poor family. I am with my sick mother who is unable to work due to her condition. My father has no good job to enable him to pay for my tuition fee and buy food for us. I would like to study well and become an important person in the society. But no hope because of how we live in poverty. 
Please, I beg you to support me so that I may achieve my goal in the future. 
May the Lord God Almighty bless you as you consider this humble request of mine.


My name is Terry. I am 11 years old girl and in Class 5. I live in Nakuru town with my mother who is roasting maize to provide for me and my family since my father left us. My mother’s income is very small and can only afford food which is not even enough for the family but cannot pay our school fees and other basic needs. I therefore request for any financial assistance in order to pursue my education so that I can be able to help my family in the future. For we know that better education is the key to better life in the future may the Lord bless you.


My name is Davis. I am in Class 4 at StoneHouse Academy. I come from a family whereby my parents are suffering from HIV/AIDS. My family is facing a lot of challenges due to this problem. My life has really changed because of this. Attending school regularly has been a huge problem because when I am sent home to collect school fees coming back to school is not easy. All the time my parents do fall sick causing them not to meet the needs of my family. Tears have always become my food when I remember how my future will be without education. My parents can’t pay for my tuition fee because they lack. 
Please help me so I may continue with my studies for better future and fulfill my dream of becoming a pilot. 
May the Almighty God bless you as you consider my humble request.