End of May Update
May 29, 2013
The Great Overnight Youth Gathering!
June 6, 2013

 Our last blog focused on a young man named Abraham. In his last year of school he found himself unable to pay his school fees. Abraham was abandoned by his parents when he was only 8 years old. His older brother has raised him and helped him as much as he could but he now has his own family and was unable to pay the school fees for this final year. So in my urgent cry for help I was pleased to get a response from 3 different single women. They each gave a part, according to their ability to give. Together we have been able to complete the school fees for Abraham. He is so grateful. I tell this story to encourage to just give what you can. You may not be able to fully support a child but small donations add up to benefit these needy children.


We are making progress in our desire to help children get an education. To date we are helping 13 children by sponsoring their school tuition. We firmly believe that we should help with the burden without taking away complete responsibility of the parent or guardian. So we assist with tuition, which is only part of the expense of education. They also have to buy uniforms, books, school supplies etc. We assess the need of each family and help accordingly. Many need assistance from, as they say it, ‘well wishers’.

We now have our own preschool through primary grade 4 called StoneHouse Academy (was Grace and Mercy Center). This blog will tell you a little about the school and also stories about the children who need sponsors: 

We desire to provide good education for these kids. We are working on expanding the facility. We have added toilet/urinal space, repaired the walkways for safety reasons, and closed in the kitchen area.
We have 6 teachers and 5 classrooms. That means two of our preschool classes meet in the same room. Also the 4thgrade class doubles as the only school office. We hope to be able to add another room or two soon.
 We also need a playground for the children’s recreation time. These improvements will attract students who can pay school fees and enable us to help more orphans and needy children who can’t make it without help.

We also need workbooks, flash cards and posters. At the present the teacher has to handwrite work sheets for each child in her class. That’s a big job. No computers or even typewriters. These materials can be bought in town but we need finances.

Bible class is once a week on Friday. All the children, about 90 of them, gather in a small room/hall to learn stories in the Bible. We was given the opportunity to teach them and we really enjoy it. Our first lesson was the 7 days of Creation. We taught them a song to help them remember the story. They love to sing and they love to learn.
[song video]

Please take the time to read about these children. They need sponsors. Please consider giving to this program. For only $80 three times a year you can help education a needy child for a year. A onetime donation will help with general or specific needs. 
Will you be a “well-wisher”?