Kioni’s Home Church

Continuing The Journey
October 13, 2021
2022 has begun with healing and favor from our King!
January 14, 2022

One of our favorite house-church leaders is Kioni and his wife. He and his family oversee two house churches. We visited his home church last Sunday and it was delightful.

Kioni is one of our disciples making disciples and was himself trained by one of our disciples, our brother Robert. By faith Kioni purchased a one-half acre plot, by faith dug a well, and is now by faith growing maize corn to feed his family and neighbors. He has six children in a small mud house and takes care of three orphans as well. He is a hard-working mason and takes very good care of his family.

He has established two house churches that are growing in the life of the Lord and is a trusted leader in StoneHouse. His son Daniel is a major leader among our youth and is a Spirit-filled disciple with a fiery desire to know and teach the scriptures.

Our visit included teaching, fellowship, and a common meal and all was very spiritually fulfilling. We left very encouraged at Kioni and his family’s growth, hospitality, love and devotion for Christ. We also met two of his sisters who want to help with food for the orphans.

Pray for our brother as we attempt to raise the funds to enlarge his living room and accommodate more people, and orphans.

Our prayer is for the Lord of the Harvest to send us more workers like Kioni and his family. Blessings …