Kids Sunday in Rigogo

The Fire is Lit!
June 18, 2019
Much-loved People
July 1, 2019

I struggled to find on the internet, a picture of a muddy road that came close to giving you an idea of how bad the roads were on our way to our church family in Rigogo. I couldn’t even stop to take pics for fear of getting stuck. We weren’t sure if we were going to make it but, praise the Lord.. we did.

Two or three times I considered going back home, but the hope of the road getting better (it never did) was the second reason that kept us going. We literally slid the entire way and even with four-wheel drive, we were barely able to stay on the road.

The first reason we kept going was the precious people that were waiting for us at our destination. Our beloved church family in Rigogo (formerly Rongai). David, Lucy, and their precious family with all the other members were eagerly waiting for us to join their ‘Kids Sunday’. Every year we help our churches with a special day for the children.

Their meeting place is only about seven or eight feet wide by fifteen feet long. There was slightly under forty people crammed in there. Some had walked miles to attend and it never dampened their enthusiasm or praise. They are growing numerically and spiritually, which is visible through the care they have for one another.

We had brought them t-shirts for the kids that said StoneHouse Rongai, but alas Rongai had become StoneHouse Rigogo because they decided to move as they had previously been meeting under a tree. Ahhh… but that’s Kenya.

Mary, the oldest of David and Lucy’s family, passed out the t-shirts and led the children in games and dances. She and her younger sister Ann, have the same brilliant smile as their mother. Sweet family, sweet children…. sweet church family.

Oh… the two chickens were for Angie and Justus.