Kibera and Namanga

A Word About Mary…
May 28, 2021
June 14, 2021

Yesterday afternoon we returned home from our six-day journey to Kibera and Namanga. We were hot, tired, and exhausted from all the many miles down very bumpy, jostling, dirt roads, yet … our hearts were filled to the brim. It will take two or three post to cover all that happened, but I think you will be blessed by the account of all that transpired.

We left our beloved home at Windy Hill Thursday morning at eight o’clock a.m. and the usually three-hour trip took six and a half hours due to the traffic and construction being done in and around Nairobi. Our team consisted of Robert, his wife Hellen, Njoroge, his wife Wangui, and our precious six-month-old Kenyan granddaughter Camellia. We stayed the night at an Airbnb and rested in preparation for our time in Kibera, Africa’s largest urban slum and home to over a million people. For more information on Kibera

We descended into Kibera, home to our leaders and our three churches found there. Kibera … (is or can be) a dangerous and frightening place … yet it was here we would find … the beloved of the Lord. There, in the midst of abject poverty, pain and depravity was the richness of heaven. People who loved one another cared for one another and had learned to love each other as much as they loved themselves.

Oh … the power of the gospel! We had found people who had been transformed into the light of the world. When it was time to leave … we were (literally) carried by the church down the steep incline to the street where we had left our car. We are so enamored by their love. This is a church everyone should keep their eye on. The Christ is forming His light! Blessed be the God of Sospeter and his wife Lilian who oversee these precious disciples and all who live in Kibera.

Next … on to Namanga … the land of the Massi.