Barney the Donkey
October 20, 2019
The Gumboot God
November 21, 2019

This past weekend we took a journey to disciple the small villages outside of Kericho. There were over 100 adults with 100 children gathered together to hear the word of the Kingdom. We spent two days training the adults and youth to reconsider their understanding of worship, ministry and evangelism. It was awesome.

The leaders were both excited and hungry to hear what the scriptures had to say about these three spiritual endeavors. They were shocked to find that their understanding was less than biblical. The seven StoneHouse churches represented expressed their desire to conform to biblical precedent and leave behind Kenyan religious traditions. That… left us excited.

We brought three brothers from Nakuru who are presently walking in these truths and have proven the church changing power. They did most of the teaching. They and their churches are the living proof of what we speak. We will now be traveling often to visit our brethren there and continue their training in biblical precedents. We are convinced this will result in them becoming spiritually functioning mature churches.

Pray for these churches… the whole area is ripe for the advancement of the Kingdom.