Kericho Tea Farmers

Farming God’s Way
May 12, 2019
Barute and Miti Mingi Church Families Baptisms
May 24, 2019

Two years ago, we taught a seminar on discipleship, in Eldoret, Kenya. Among the twenty people present were seven pastors from the Kericho area. They were introduced to us by a missionary and friend Terry Baucom.

These seven leaders listened with open hearts the entire day. At the end of the seminar, they began to ask about StoneHouse Ministries International. They told us they wanted to be taught more and overseen by our ministry. They asked us to give them some time to pray and seek the Lord’s direction.

One year or so later, they asked for us to come and teach them again. We did so and they said they were still seeking the Lord’s direction whether or not to join the StoneHouse family. Another year went by.

Two weeks ago, their leader called me to ask if four of their pastors could come and talk about joining the StoneHouse family. We spent almost two days speaking of what we believed and where we are going.

It was a wonderful time of discovering that we were of like hearts. The next morning they said they had talked to the other three pastors and all were in the unanimous opinion of being overseen and trained by StoneHouse. We are very… excited.

All these men are tea farmers (Kericho is famous for tea and coffee) and very interested in learning ‘Farming God’s Way’ when they saw our shamba (garden). Our brothers Justus and David took a couple of hours showing and explaining what they have learned and begun to put into practice.

The Kericho men are very excited about the new things they had learned about ‘Farming God’s Way’ and … ‘Discipling God’s way’. We are very, very blessed. Father give us grace and strength to continue advancing your Kingdom!