Kericho Conference

Fruitful and Bountiful Day
January 14, 2021
January 28, 2021

Last weekend, Robert, Njeroge, Cynthia, Yiskah and I took a three day visit to our churches in Kericho County. The three hour journey from Nakuru was so beautiful. Kericho is famous for its delicious coffee and tea. The first few pictures are of the tea plantations scattered through the countryside. The first day Cynthia and Yiskah stayed in Kericho city to get Yiskah’s Covid test enabling her to fly home on Tuesday. The next day both came to Fort Tinan and spent all day.

Assembling some of the churches nestled in Kericho’s rural hills, was coordinated by our chief overseer Peter. He and his family live in a small town called Fort Tinan. This is where the conference would be held in a primary school, about an hour and a half from Kericho city.
On Sunday we all arrived at Peter’s home, we were treated to a breakfast of tea, buttered bread, boiled eggs, and sweet fellowship.

After breakfast Peter and his wife Jane showed us around their shamba (farm). He’s growing coffee, pumpkins and bananas among other foods. What astounded us, was the size of the things he was growing. The pumpkins were three to four times bigger than any we have seen in Kenya. The bananas were huge. Most bananas stalks are anywhere from three to three and a half foot tall. His were well over five feet.

When we arrived at the school, where we were met by an army of children, which were quickly pacified with ‘sweeties’.

The conference and response was good on Saturday but on Sunday it was great. Cynthia and Yiskah taught the ladies and Robert, Njeroge, and I taught the leaders. All I can say is … our highest expectations were met.

The Kericho church families have added another church and are noticeably growing more spiritual. It was a sweet and satisfying time.

Please pray for us tomorrow, as we take our darling daughter Yiskah to Nairobi. She has been a wonderful encouragement and help to all of us here. Pray for her safety, amidst the Covid pandemic, and to arrive home with her husband and four children.

Continue to pray for us as we advance the Kingdom of God in Kericho County and throughout Kenya.