Keptembwa is Growing

Winnie – Update
July 25, 2016
2016 July Update
July 28, 2016

This last Sunday, we were with our church family in Keptembwa. The church is growing numerically and spiritually. Michael Naema is the overseer there and is one of our favorite people. Living in the sprawling slums of Keptembwa, Michael, with his sweet family, serve the Body of Christ with passion.

Michael is a carpenter and struggles hard to provide for his family and help pay church needs. I have known Michael for almost 2 years and he is constantly putting the church family’s needs, above his own. He is a true disciple of our King and a real shepherd of the church.

After the Sunday gathering, we began talking to Michael about helping his children with paying their school fees. Michael’s reply… there are a few that are in need more than me. He then brought Mary to us, who told of her plight to get the orphan she take’s care of in school. Bruno, the young orphan, recently lost both his parents to AIDS, and Mary took him in.

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Then he brought us Scolastica Akinyi. She is 18 years old. She’s in her last year of high school with only to finish this term and the final term of the year. She will sit for exams this year which will give her a high school diploma. She comes from a very poor family. Her mother and father are uneducated and struggle to find work to support the family.

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They haven’t been able to pay all the school fees for Scolastica and her brother Peter, who is 16 in eleventh grade. Both kids are sent home until fees are paid. In order for Scolastica to graduate she will have to pay $150.00 to complete her fees. If we can raise these funds asap she will be able to go back to school and complete her high school education this year. Click here to help Scolastica.


We want to help the members of our church in Keptembwa and to help their overseer, Michael. Help us if you can and pray for us always… Much love …StoneHouse.

To help Michael and those in the church at Keptembwa please click here and give as God leads you to. Note your donation is for Keptembwa.