Kamwaura Revisited

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August 25, 2014
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November 3, 2014
Last Sunday, Wangoe, her daughter Anne, Ann Jeroge, James, Cynthia and I went and spent the day with our church family in Kamwarua. It is always a joy being with them and they are always so glad to see us. God is really gathering some wonderful people together in this little farming community to express His love.

The family has grown in size and the number of children coming has doubled since last month. The church is truly becoming a spiritual colony of God’s Love. Every time we visit, their growth in Christ  becomes more evident.

When we gathered together in our little meeting place, Wangoe and Ann Jeroge from Nakuru led out in the praise and worship with their lively drumming.

And as we began praising the Lord in song and dance, my wife Cynthia began showing everyone the Hebrew dance step called ‘The Grapevine’. Wangoe’s daughter picked it up quickly.

The praise was so wonderful we decided to go outside that all of us might sing and dance to the heavens. It was very uplifting.

As we re-entered our meeting place the children sang a special song and the youth (teenagers) presented us with a dance they had created that week. Because we don’t have access to electricity, they danced to the music coming from a cell phone.

After we finished singing everyone brought their offerings and placed them in the basket… that is… all except this little bugger who was caught trying to take some out!

People began sharing what the Lord was doing among them and giving thanks for all His blessings. One shared that after so long, they now knew they were part of a real church.

After James and I shared a short word of encouragement with them, we told them that God was pouring the same spirit of love on them that He was pouring on us in Nakuru.

Then our overseer for Kamwarua fellowship, Karanja, invited us all to a big meal at his house. Some of the ladies had been cooking all morning long.

The meal was great but even better was what one young man told us as we were about to leave. He said… God bless you for coming and showing us such a great light. Please don’t ever leave us until we unde
rstand fully the will of God for our lives

Leaving after such a wonderful day is always hard, but we will be revisiting them again in two weeks. Pray for the progress of these dedicated disciples laboring to reveal the Body of Christ to their community.

Much love … The StoneHouse Family