Kamagut Prayers Answered

Nakuru State Prison Visit
July 14, 2019
August Report
August 14, 2019

When we arrived at the Airbnb, we were in for a shock. The pictures of the house looked so good. We had prepaid for our five days and had little idea what the ‘added attractions’ would be. Like, the water didn’t work, the hot shower didn’t work and best of all … our bedroom was only twenty feet away from a Mosque with a huge loudspeaker pointed at our bedroom. Three times a day, some devout Muslim prayed very devoutly in our ears. When we arrived we should have asked, “what is that half-gallon jar full of earplugs in the living room for?” No joke… there had to be over a hundred pairs of earplugs. 

Robert fixed the water the next day, so the hot water shower began working and the french press coffee maker made the mornings doable. But the four-thirty a.m. Muslim prayers were a real challenge. The last day I could almost repeat the morning prayer by memory.

When we arrived at Beatrice and Bitok’s house we started teaching at ten a. m. and taught for seven hours with an hour break for lunch. Our subjects… becoming and training disciples and reproducing our faith. People loved it. Teaching continued for two more days six to seven hours a day. The teachings were well received and in a couple of weeks, we will return for follow-up. There were four non-SMI pastors present for the entire time. 

Our intention is to construct a small adobe (house) that would enable teams to come and stay at Bitok’s farm and train small churches in discipleship and evangelizing. Kamagut is to become a ‘Discipling Center’ as Nakuru has become with its seven local churches. 

This trip we traveled with our little dog Angel. He was an immediate hit and chased thirty children till he collapsed in exhaustion.

Cynthia taught the women on Sunday afternoon, but the ladies present, want next time a full day of her teaching.

On the trip home, we drove one of our pastors, Ngugi, to his home. The last seven kilometers was tortuous as the roads were exceptionally miserable. We lost a bushing but it was totally worth it to meet his family. We were served an excellent meal, with loving hospitality and great fellowship. Some local pastors showed up and wanted to know what we preach. We spent an hour with them and It was a great encounter. 

We fully expect to plant a vibrant church in this small rural village, beginning with Ngugi’s family in his home. 
We made it home and the car only lost one rubber bushing that we re-tied up with baling wire and worked just fine all the way home. 
While driving through a forest, we encountered a group of Colobus monkeys having lunch, you never know what’s around the corner in Kenya.

Thanks for the prayers and please keep praying for the work of God in Kamagut.

Much love … StoneHouse