Kamagut Kingdom Testimonies

Update on Well Project
January 20, 2020
Love Feast
January 30, 2020

Last Friday, Saturday and Sunday we spent an amazing time with our brothers and sisters in Kamagut Kenya. Kamagut is growing both numerically and spiritually. Our Nakuru team consisted of Robert, the overseer of our church in Barut, Njoroge, our overseer in Miti Mingi, Ann, Njeroge’s daughter(who did the face painting), Waneta, our twenty-two-year-old guest from Montana, and Cynthia and I. We were fed well, given gifts and were enabled to minister to the saints in Kamagut/Eldoret for three wonderful days.

On Saturday, one of the sisters there told a terrifying story of being tormented by demonic activity in her home. There were terrible manifestations going on in her house that most westerners would find hard to believe. She had not slept well for those twelve years. She asked for deliverance. As we prayed and laid hands on her, she struggled to stand. There were no theatrics but a lot of desperate emotions.

As we prayed and took authority in Jesus’s name, it became obvious this was really a spiritual issue. She was definitely traumatized. When she fell to the ground, something amazing took place. Waneta, our young lady from Montana, stepped forward, laid her hands on her head and spoke the love of God and healing to her. Immediately the woman changed! Her countenance lightened and joy flooded her face. The change was amazing.

The next day, at the Sunday gathering, she testified that she went home and began sharing with her neighbors what had happened and neighbors began filling her house testifying that God was certainly with our church and that they all wanted to come to visit.

That Sunday the whole church rejoiced over the mighty works of God and we broke bread. All the members served each other as we shared in a real ‘Love Feast’. Who is like our God?

Lastly, one of our Kamagut Church Family members, Rose Email, became a widow 5 years ago. Since that time she has really struggled to raise her two boys, Desmond and Robbin. Having no skills to get a good permanent job she has to hope for inconsistent work situations to make a little money for her family. When we offered her an opportunity to go to Blessings School of Baking here in Nakuru, she wept…. and so did we. After a year’s time, she will be a certified baker and able to start a business or get a real job. During this year she’ll be learning not only baking but life skills. Her boys will be with her and sponsored in school.

Blessings from Kenya and please keep praying … StoneHouse