Joy in Madeya

2016 Apostolic Journey Part 3
August 20, 2016
Mountain Men
February 19, 2017

This slideshow, is the last in a series of four, that tells of our August 2016 apostolic journey. This slideshow, is our favorite. If you scroll down on our home page you will find the first three in the series. Our beloved family in Madeya had been waiting for months for us to come and participate in their entrance to and celebration of, the Life of our King.

Sunday morning, after we completed the roof of their gathering place and had instructed them in what it means to become a true disciple, we proceeded to the small little muddy river in Madeya. Those that consented to follow the King, met us at the River. I baptized overseer Gilbert and my Kenyan brothers stepped in and baptized all the others.

Look upon these faces… they left the world and entered into the Kingdom of the Beloved Son. The joy of entering the Body of Christ is unmistakeable. Down to the last young girl who was so excited, that she had entered into her King. (Galatians 3: 26-29)

Then… singing and praising our King, we returned to the newly constructed gathering place and had a ‘Love Lunch’. We committed the disciples to the Holy Spirit, said our goodbyes and began our six hour journey back to Nakuru. We were … beyond blessed!

Pray for the StoneHouse family of disciples.