Josephine’s New House

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January 4, 2018
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February 8, 2018

Josephine’s New House

Sunday was a special day for the StoneHouse Njoro church family…  and especially Josephine. For the first time in her life, Josephine and her children have a house of their own.

As the church met to celebrate our King’s goodness, everyone looked forward to the ceremonial opening of the new home, after the gathering.

There was dancing, dramas and lots of singing.

We thanked the church for all their volunteered time to make this happen. Special thanks to Delango, the brother who volunteered most of his time to complete this three room stone dwelling.

The church is growing numerically and the word is spreading, that something wonderful is forming, in this small farming community. Everyone was watching as our members helped in completing the project.

Then came the time to take Josephine to her new home. Everyone sang praises, as we walked with her and her family to the new house.

Josephine was elated, as she danced to the praises of her church family. Even a few neighbors joined in the celebration.

After the ribbon was cut, Cynthia led Josephine into her house for the first time


… and the expression on her face says everything.

Surrounded by her shepherd, her children and her extended family Josephine’s gratitude beamed.

family nakuru kenya

The celebration continued outside for some time.

There were many people involved in this joint venture. A special thanks to ‘Heaven’s family’ for funding this project. Blessings to everyone who prayed this down, took  part in the construction and those that encouraged the little church family of Njoro… to believe that the impossible is possible.