James, Joyce, and John

Youth Gathering
April 21, 2019
Beginning May…
May 7, 2019

Three siblings, three hopeless lives and three opportunities to serve our King.

The young boy on the left is James. When we met James, he was hopeless, out of school with very little chance of ever going back. He was desperate and without hope. Then came our Father. He enabled us to help James. He is now in school catching up with the other students and he smiles often.

The young lady in the middle is Joyce. When we met Joyce she had very severe scoliosis and was too embarrassed by her crooked back that she couldn’t talk to anyone. She was doomed to succumb to being bent over and in pain the rest of her life. She had very little chance of being married or even to have a job. Then came our Father! Joyce has now had her corrective surgery and is beginning to straighten up. She still is very shy but smiles a lot more.

The young man on the far right is John. John had for years been running in a gang and was morally bankrupt. He was a habitual liar, doing drugs, alcohol, couldn’t keep a job and was headed for jail. A year ago John came to us for help but really only wanted a handout. When he began living with a woman, we asked him to repent. John refused to repent forcing us to put him out of the church.

Yet, we continued to pray for John. Then came our Father! Six months later, the woman left John and took all his possessions. John returned to us broken and in tears, asking to be made a disciple of Jesus. John is now taking care of his other two siblings, is holding down a job and is an active member, ministering in the StoneHouse Barute Church. John smiles all the time.

Today… John brought his siblings to our house to thank us for all we’ve done. We were deeply touched. We said thank you… but explained to them that, they were the flowers that needed water … our Father and our friends back home were the water… and we … were just the hose.

Blessings from Africa