It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood…

Miti Mingi
April 17, 2019
Youth Gathering
April 21, 2019

We celebrated Stella’s birthday last weekend by visiting our neighbors across the fence, in Lake Nakuru Game Park. The morning sunrise revealed we were in for a beautiful day. A vast array of small, medium and large birds displayed their incredible heavenly plumage and the scenery was like something out of ‘Lord of the Rings’.

Traffic went from light, to moderate, with just a few jams. Children were playing everywhere. There were children on a jungle gym beside the road, children playing in the middle of the road and some just resting beside it. Adult volunteers kept a high and low watch over the children at all times.

Traffic control had everything under control. Roads were well marked with the rules and speed limits posted with big policemen present to make sure you drove appropriately. If you chose to not obey their limits and rules …there were some well-hidden speed traps with a couple of lady officers to catch your infringement. Should you become reckless or resist arrest … the ladies get to eat you.