Solid Rock Christian Community Kenya
February 7, 2015
Solid Rock Christian Community Kenya
February 7, 2015

The past year, 2014, was a very big year for us. Many new ministries were started and established ones grew. We admit we haven’t done too well in letting you know how to give. So this blog will be dedicated to that subject.

We are working on a new website that will make it easy to know what we’re doing and how you can help. 

Until then you can use the ‘Donate’button on our blogs – that will put your donation into our Pay Pal account. You can designate where you want your donation to go when you give on Pay Pal. We’ll send you an email letting you know that we’ve received it.


If you’d rather you can mail us a check to:

StoneHouse Ministries International
348 Windy Hill Road
Selmer, Tennessee 38375

Continue on this blog to see what our needs are for the LEARN program and out primary school, StoneHouse Academy. 

Again we are grateful for all your prayers, friendship, and financial support.

Your missionaries in Kenya,

David and Cynthia Taylor
StoneHouse Ministries International

Sponsor a child’s education for a year:
This will cover their tuition, school fees, and nutritious mid morning hot porridge, plus a hot lunch. For many of our students this is the only food they’ll get for that day.

Porridge break.


o   Sponsorship should be paid the month before each of three terms start. $80 three times a year with the school year starting in January. You will receive an invoice by email.
o   $80   December
o   $80   April
o   $80   August
o   Or you can choose to pay the whole $240 at one time to cover the whole year.

Other ways to help:
Buy a school uniform and/or shoes. Schools require a uniform to help the child feel a part. Some children would otherwise come to school in ragged and torn, ill fitting clothes and shoes.
o   $15   School uniform and sweater
o   $15   Shoes and socks
o   $20   Sports uniform for Physical Ed days.
o   $20   Sports shoes and socks
o   $10   School backpack/book bag


Our primary school starts with 
pre-school 3 year olds, and goes to 6th grade.
Each year we’ll add the next grade 
up to 8thgrade.
These are a few ways you can help our school with one time donations:

STUDENT DESKS                                                     $30 EACH
STUDENT CHAIRS                                                   $10 EACH
BOOK SHELVES FOR CLASSROOMS                                                               $40 EACH
TEXT BOOKS AND TEACHERS GUIDES                                                         $150

KITCHEN:  We are providing porridge and lunch for over 90 people each day. The school cook does this by making a fire with charcoal and wood using only one big pot at a time.

2 GAS COOKING BURNERS W/ TANK                                                               $100 EACH
LARGE POTS AND LIDS                                         $20 EACH
COOKING UTENSILS                                                                                             $30

We’d like to help our committed teachers to get their degree at university. This will secure the future of StoneHouse Academy to provide quality education as we grow.

The first year including boarding:
Uniform and track suit:                      $55.00
Exam fees:                                          $45.00
TERM 1                                              $350.00
TERM 2                                              $275.00
TERM 3                                              $125.00

Please consider how you can help. 
Any amount anytime is much appreciated.
Just go to the top left of this page 
and click on the Donate button.