Help for Addictions

What an uplifting experience!
October 14, 2019
Barney the Donkey
October 20, 2019

One of our newest ministries emerging for StoneHouse is reaching out to people who wish to be delivered from the bondage to alcoholism and drugs. Miti Mingi and Baruti are especially full of alcoholism.

It is led by one of our friends, Philemon. We met him four months ago and began disciplining Philemon, who had asked us to help him with his ministry to prisoners. He took Cynthia and me to the prison in Nakuru for women. It was an incredible eye-opening visit that burdened us for incarcerated women. Philemon also ministers to men and to the children of women who live in prisons.

As with most ministries to addicts, we found that their biggest obstacle comes from their previous lifestyles. We are partnering with Philemon in reaching out to these women. We believe the only solution is a change of lifestyles brought about by Jesus Christ and His church. When I asked him about people who struggled with addictions… he said he wanted to help. Thus began our new ministry.

We helped Philemon with repairing his car so he could come every Saturday to Miti Mingi and teach. There have been hopeful stories emerging from these sessions. We hope to expand this ministry to all StoneHouse churches.

Please pray for us and those who struggle with the chains of addiction. We want to help not only addicts but their spouses and families as well who suffer from the ramifications of this sin.