The Stone Cutters
November 6, 2014
Richard and Beth
November 13, 2014
Perhaps one of the greatest joys in our work here in Kenya, is preparing and empowering young Kenyans to take the reigns of ministry. They are the future of StoneHouse Ministry International.  
Two of these young men are Amos and Abutoz.
They are true StoneHouse sons and have proven their desire and sincerity to serve the Body of Christ.
Abutoz has been with us over two years…
 and Amos almost seven months. Both have become true sons of God.
Last weekend we were able to see these two young men, we love so dearly, begin their academic biblical training to fulfill that which our heavenly Father has called them to.
They have completed and graduated with honors, their first term at Word Ablaze Bible Institute.
Word Ablaze is a beautiful campus just outside Nakuru, where men and women can come to be trained by spiritual teachers in practical, biblical knowledge.

This incredible school is operated by two wonderful missionaries Paul and Donna Tocco, who have served the Lord in Kenya for over 15 years. Paul and Donna have provided a spiritual place of learning for young Kenyans from all over Kenya. They have also become our friends.
There was a lot of joy and excitement when we all gathered in Word Ablaze’s beautiful conference room and began the service.

Both Paul and Donna charged the graduates to fulfill the calling of God upon their lives.
The presenting of their certificates was a proud moment for the students, staff, parents, and everyone present.

Then came the laying on of hands and commissioning them to go out  and preach the gospel making disciples of all the nations.
Then the loud and joyous celebration! Everyone danced and sang praises to our Father. We joined the throng and added a little ‘Hebrew Grapevine’ action.


Each of these students will go out for the next three months and put into practice what they have learned. Amos and Abutoz will serve in our three new churches. They will then return to the school and commit to the second term of biblical training.
Please pray for these young disciples, Word Ablaze Bible Institute and StoneHouse Ministries International that we together might continue to be a part of these precious lives and train them up for ministry.
The StoneHouse Family.