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L.E.A.R.N. Letting Educational Adoption Reshape Nakuru
December 4, 2012
Children in need of sponsors
January 21, 2013

We’re busy launching the LEARN program for the year 2013. In 

Kenya the school year starts in January. We are overwhelmed by the need of so many children to be able to go to school. Even public schools require school fees and uniforms. This makes it difficult, to say the least, for families who are struggling just to pay rent and put food on their tables.

These are the children who already have sponsors. We will have pictures and bios on more needy children very soon. Please consider helping at least one of these children. For only $80 three time a year you can give a child and education. You will be able to write letters and see pictures of your sponsored child and interact with them. They are always so grateful for the help we give them.

This is a family we have helped for the past 2 years. They have 5 children and we have been able to support them for schooling all five children. We have also been able to rescue them out of the slums. Patrick has become our grounds keeper, gardener, and security guard at our home here in Nakuru.

Flora is almost 18 years old now and still has those big brown eyes and that beautiful smile. Sunday morning she came to my room short of breath and wheezing. I listened to her lungs with my stethoscope and was concerned with the wheezing and tightness I heard. She had been to the hospital two weeks ago and was given medication which she had stopped taking. I gave her some Resco (herbal combination for respiratory problems) and one of her pills (bronchodilator). She was better, so we went to church. We talked to her parents and we decided to help them get her to a doctor so we can manage her asthma without always coming to a crisis.
So Monday we found a good health clinic.  The medicine the doctor prescribed will cost about 1,600 ksh ($18) every two months but it will control the asthma and help prevent a crisis. I liked the doctor and the clinic. It’s nice to know there’s someone we can trust with our medical needs. We also got a note from the doctor to her school principle to help them understand the seriousness of her asthma. She has had problems in the past with being made to sweep the school room, even when the dust caused her respiratory distress. The teacher thought she was faking. That won’t happen again.

‘Delightful Dianna’ is sweet and quiet as always. She is a lovely young lady, 15 years old now, almost 16. She’s always willing to lend a helping hand and her smile will turn anyone’s frown upside down.

Lewis is 12 years old and growing up fast. He still loves to take things apart and put them back together again. He’s our main ‘gate keeper’, which means he opens the gate for us and lets visitors in. Kuja, our german shepherd, loves him and plays with him. He also helps his dad in the ‘shamba’ (garden), and also teaches us Swahili.

Lynn is 11 years old. She’s doing very well in school and is helpful with household chores. She’s growing up to be a beautiful young lady, very sweet and tender hearted.

Faith, also known as ‘Toto’, is the baby of the family. She’s 8 years old and loves the doll we brought her. She carries her on her back in the back pack Yashana made. She’ll be a good momma one day. 

All of the children have increased their grades in school. Coming out of the slums has brought them a peaceful and safe way of life. They are all hard workers and learning skills to become self sufficient. It’s noticeable that their new life has brought joy and gladness to them and us as well.

This is Joshua. Joshua is a very kind, and honest single man. His desire is to help orphan boys who are caught in the cycle of poverty in the rural areas near Nakuru. He would like to eventually have a boy’s home and school. We are now supporting 2 of the 10 boy’s he wants to help.

Jimmy and Sammy are both orphans and live with their grandfather on a farm. 
They have never been able to attend school until last fall. 

They have both done well and are 3rd and 5th in their classes. They are very thankful for the support they’ve been given by their sponsors.

Jesse is the son of a single mom. This little guy is a lively young boy, and smart too. His grandmother told us, with tears in her eyes, how happy she is that Jesse can go to school. 

These are just a few of our kids. We will soon bring you more stories and pictures. If you are interested in sponsoring a child please contact us. We will answer any questions you have and give you opportunity to select a child to sponsor.

Thanks for reading our blog. We hope to hear from you soon.

Sponsor a Child for a Full Year – $240

Sponsor a Child for 1 Semester – $80

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