George and Christine

Covenant Communications Conference
August 22, 2022
Mom’s New Room in Africa
September 17, 2022

We recently met the most wonderful family and spent two days with them at Windy Hill. It was a genuine delight.

Seven years ago we had a seminar in Siaya, Kenya for leaders in that area. It lasted two days and we met some good people. Among those leaders was a brother called George. For seven years we did not hear from him, as he struggled with creating a new church. I honestly didn’t think we would ever see him again.

Yet, three weeks ago, George called and asked if he could come and visit us. We responded with, we would love for you to visit us. He came and spent a day with us discussing the subjects of church and ministry. We loved his hunger for the word of God and invited him and his family to come and visit us at Windy Hill. He replied “When”?

George, his wife Christine and and part of his family came last Thursday and stayed with us for two days.

We have often said … if you want to know a man … spend time with his family. George, his wife Christine and three of his younger children stayed with us for two nights and two days. As a result, we learned much about George and Christine’s heart and desire.

As a result we will be taking George and his church under our wing and teaching them the biblical conduct of the Kingdom of God. Pray for us that we will guide them in the ways of our King.

Also … please pray for us as we travel to America to visit our children, grandchildren, family and friends. We leave September 25th and will return with my mother who has problems with Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. We have prepared a room in our house and hope she will be able to endure the trip and peacefully adjust to a completely different culture and way of life.