From Macharia to Kioni

Oh, the joy!
July 25, 2020
Ponda Mali Fellowship
August 1, 2020

Last Sunday we came together to honor a brother and his family, for their faithful service to the Kingdom and the amazing transformation in his life.

Two years ago, Macharia came to us with a seven-year-old gunshot wound in his leg that had never healed. Depressed, out of work and not being able to feed his distraught family (because of the leg wound), had brought him to the verge of suicide. Coming from a background of drinking and debauchery, Macharia found himself with no possible hope of a sustainable future. Then came Robert.

Robert, our overseer in the churches of Barut, took Macharia on as a disciple, teaching him the ways of the Kingdom. Macharia began to find his hope. Robert then brought him to our gifted healer Cynthia, who immediately began treating him with herbs and Christ’s love. Realizing his wound would require vascular surgery, she took him to a hospital in Nairobi. Months later his wound began to heal and Macharia has now completely recovered.

Today this man has founded and maintained a growing church of disciples in the Barut area. At the gathering honoring him, the disciples and his neighbors gathered to express their love and admiration. The evidence of God’s blessing on his life was abundant. He currently has a job, a house, land, a new baby and is knee-deep in a spiritually and fruitful ministry.

At the end of the gathering he stood to express his love for their love, and he said … “my name is no longer Macharia … which means … searching. From this day forward … call me Kioni… meaning … I have found it”.

Please pray for Kioni and his family to be a continued witness of the glory and power in Christ’s Kingdom.