StoneHouse Ministries Newsletter Jan – Mar 2020
April 19, 2020
CV-19 Support Update!
May 6, 2020

The gorge running next to our property usually contains a ‘seasonal’ river… meaning it runs three to four months during the heavy rainy season then drys up. This year it has been flowing almost the whole year. We can hear it from the south side of our bedroom and is normally really nice to listen to. This morning we heard the same sound from the front of our house along the other side of our road. That meant trouble.

Lake Nakuru has been overflowing due to the excessive rains (there has been more rain this year than has been recorded in any one year for the last fifty years). One of the dikes broke and is now flooding the roads. The main road, running next to the game park that we normally use to get to town has been destroyed. Cars are stranded and some houses have been breached. We still have access to another small road leading to town through Baruti. Windy Hill CC is on very high ground so we are ok.

Houses and shambas (small farms) next to this road have been severely flooded, destroying their crops, and the heavy rainy season is still ahead. This undoubtedly will affect the food supply for these poor farmers. Please pray for these ultra-poor families and how we can help them.