First 2016 Apostolic Journey – Part One

March 27, 2016
First 2016 Apostolic Journey- Part 2
April 21, 2016
Many thanks for all who took the time to pray for our first 2016 apostolic journey to North and East Kenya. The trip took us to a Tanzania border town as well and our Father truly answered your prayers. 
The journey began with traveling from Nakuru to Nairobi for some small business issues and then making arrangements to drop my beloved wife at the Nairobi Kenyatta Airport at 3:00 a.m. in the morning. Doug, my friend from America, James, Njeroge and myself would be on the road for the next six days. 

Because I had been sick all of last week, I was encouraged to remain  sleeping in the hotel room while my dear brothers took Cynthia to catch her plane to America, for a month long visit with friends and family. (And yes, I am already counting the hours till she returns). Returning to the hotel and after a couple more hours of sleep we arose, scarfed down some coffee and donuts and hit the road.
Our first destination was Namanga, located on the Tanzania border about 3 hours due south of Nairobi. There, we met with a wonderful man called Moses. James has known Moses for some years and could testify of his integrity in following Christ. Moses works for a Matatoo company coordinating their trips and scheduling departure times.

He and his family live on a small farm just outside Namanga. Moses will be overseeing a church family either in Engoswani or Namaga. He is the newest member of the StoneHouse team.

We also spent time and ate dinner at the house of a wonderful elderly lady named Martha who was very instrumental during the early years of James’s Christian walk. Martha also expressed a desire we begin a church in Namanga.

The following morning we headed back to Nairobi to visit an amazing man called Francis. Francis has been visiting with us for about a year and had become interested in joining the StoneHouse team. After a brief but stunning meeting, we all decided to combine forces under StoneHouse, to bring the Kingdom message and discipleship training to three other groups of people.

 One of those groups is located in the interior of Uganda. We feel Francis will be among the first men sent out to establish our church families. He definitely has an apostolic gift. Sorry… we were so excited about all that transpired, we forgot to take any pictures.
After delicious lunch of nyama choma (goat meat), we traveled to Embu to visit James’s sister and husband who live in Embu, located at the foot of the beautiful Mt. Kenya. Some of you may have remembered our last visit to their amazing little 3/4 acre farm last year. On the way there we stopped to experience this beautiful ‘natural bridge’ found in that area.

After a good night’s sleep we awoke to a huge breakfast, thanks to the wonderful hospitality of Milkeh. Before we took off for Meru,  Milkeh took us on a tour of the slaughter house she works for. The business has been in James’s family for a long time. It was both interesting and educational but shocking enough for me to almost become a lifelong vegetarian. Almost.

James and Milkeh outside the slaughter house.

We arrived in Meru around lunch time and while waiting for our host, we were entertained by a self styled prophet. I must admit he was very colorful, but still only attracted little attention.
When our dear sister Alice finally arrived, she took us to her farm and introduced us to neighbors, relatives and the chief of that area.

Alice has to be the happiest person I have ever met and it must be contagious. Her whole family and even her neighbors were the same way. One dear neighbor, Isabeth, kept telling us we should eat and eat and eat and eat. She did a little dance to make her point, and you could tell she practiced what she preached.
After lunch Alice took us to the back of her little five acre farm and showed us the land she had given us to begin a church gathering place. We were stoked! We are already planning our return visit. Alice is a very sweet sister and lover of our King.
Next we left for our main destination… Wamba, Samburu! This was our longest leg of the journey. Samburu is the home of the Samburu people. The Samburu are almost identical to the Masai in culture and looks… but don’t call them Masai… they are Samburu! (I found that out the embarrassing way).

The trip was long and the last fifty kilometers could hardly be called a road. As soon as we turned off the highway … the land, the animals and the people became almost surreal. All along the road we observed the Morans. These are the young warriors and trust me they can be quite intimidating while brandishing their knives and spears.
The longer we drove, the more we worried we wouldn’t make the small town of Wamba by dark. The road is full of washouts and you don’t dare travel much over 10 mph. It is not advisable to travel those roads in the dark. But, oh my goodness, was it beautiful.

The sun was setting and the colors were amazing.  This is my favorite rock formation. I dubbed  it…  ‘Crying Turtle Rock’. 
We made it to Wamba around dusky dark…

….and then surprisingly… we located a four star hotel with kingsize beds and colorful bathrooms… which suited us just fine.

After a quick dinner at the local barista we slept very soundly till sunup.
 Tomorrow … we meet our overseer for Wamba!