Miti Mingi 4th Year Anniversary
February 14, 2022
Meta-Camp and Seminar
April 6, 2022

One of the biggest desires we have for our people is to see them become self-sufficient. This is why we help them begin new businesses and improve their existing ones. Many of our people are farmers, who struggle to provide for their families out of small plots.

Enter … a very helpful ministry called … Farming God’s Way (F.G.W.) … sponsored by … who else … Heaven’s Family Ministry!

Farming God’s Way … (F.G.W). has developed and trained small farms, to double their harvest. Completely from the scriptures, F.G.W. teaches biblical methods of doing just that, … and how to train your neighbors to do the same. This provides an excellent way of sharing the gospel while helping your neighbors to prosper.

For three days, forty people from our churches gathered here on Windy Hill for a three-day seminar on how to double or more their harvest and preach the gospel to their neighbors. Sleeping in our new dorms, people fellowshipped, worshiped, ate together, watched the Jesus Films … together, they learned much about new and inexpensive methods of better farming.

An extra blessing came with spending time with four of our church leaders during the off time. At the end of the seminar, Ann taught for half an hour about the amazing benefits of Artemisia. All in all, it was a profitable and fun time of learning.

Blessings from the StoneHouse