Farming God’s Way

Secretaries Meeting
May 10, 2019
Kericho Tea Farmers
May 22, 2019

When our guys returned from the four-day seminar on ‘Farming God’s Way’ they were very excited. Not only did they learn a superior way to grow vegetables, they learned how to farm without expensive pesticides, fertilizers, using less water and on much less land. From day one they began experimenting with their new-found agricultural knowledge, with the purpose of producing more and higher quality food on less money.

But what is empowering them even more in becoming proficient at this, is the possibility of it becoming a Kingdom advancing ministry. ‘Farming God’s Way’ didn’t just teach them about farming but also how to increase their spiritual fruit as well. They are already getting questions on why they are doing things differently in the field.

All our neighbors and the neighbors of our StoneHouse churches need this exciting ‘production booster’ on their small farms. When it comes time to harvest… we feel David, Gilbert, and Justus are going to be harvesting souls and well as food.

David, Justus & Gilbert

Pray for these men to have the desires of their hearts, which is to advance the Kingdom through farming … God’s Way! Special thanks to all the folks at Farming God’s Way.