End of the year blessings!

Christmas in Kenya!
December 10, 2013
A Christmas Gathering Part 1
December 27, 2013
A PA system, Ribbon Rings, Youth Sunday, Elizabeth can See!! And Homemade Checkers.

Well here it comes… all the wonderful events of the last few weeks.

Our first blessing came in the form of a new PA system for the church! You have no idea how hard it has been to compete with the motorcycles, big trucks, tuk tuks, and other assorted very noisy vehicles passing by our gathering place on Sunday morning.

Soft spoken people were never heard above the noise coming from the streets in front of our meeting place. Thanks to a faithful friend from the United States we can now hear all the wonderful news being shared on Sunday morning.

The next wonderful blessing was… ‘Young People’s Sunday!’ The youth completely took over our Sunday Gathering and it was one of the best we ever had. They were awesome! They led the singing, dancing and even brought the preaching. Everyone was completely blessed and impressed.

Next up… was the wonderful Ribbon Rings. My talented wife made a bunch of ‘Ribbon Praise Rings’ for the children. They added so much to our praise and dancing and everyone (especially the kids) loved them. It reminded us of our Gatherings back in Rose Creek Village.

Next to last;  we were able to help our dear sister Elizabeth see better with some new glasses. The glasses and testing kit came from  ITEC via Doug Chamley and friends. Elizabeth was so excited when we found the right prescription… she cried out … ‘I can see!’

Lastly; the innovative Wanyama family created a homemade checkerboard with bottle caps as the moveable pieces, creating  fun and entertainment for the whole family and … the chickens.

Well, our next post will be about our Christmas Day Celebration which will happen on the 22nd of December. We will be roasting a goat, performing dramas and skits, feasting, watching some more Christmas movies and in general having a blast celebrating the birth of Christ.

Thank you Mala, Doug and Tara for the money for balloons, treats and decorations for our Christmas celebration! And thanks to everyone else for supporting us and StoneHouse Ministries International this year. Have a wonderful Christmas and a most fruitful New Year!
Much love from your African missionaries… Dave and Cynthia.