End of May Update

The Choo!!
May 24, 2013
June 4, 2013

This has been a very, very active week! Here are just a few of the things we’ve been involved with…

I was in a car accident 4 days ago. Nothing serious though, just a fender bender, but irritating when it happened. While I was pulling into a round-about, someone made an illegal lane change and then slammed on their brakes. The car in front of me slammed on his breaks and I hit him. When the guy who made the illegal lane change saw he had caused the accident… he took off!

The car I hit…

My car…

Well; there we were… me and the guy I hit standing in the middle of the busiest round-about in Nakuru, where huge trucks were speeding by us much closer than we both felt comfortable with. The other driver said… ‘Lets get out of here before we get killed’, to which I replied… Great!

Too make a long story very short he turned out to be one of the nicest guys I’ve met. He called his mechanic and I called mine and they worked out a very fair price to fix his car. I didn’t have the money with me so my mechanic went to his shop and loaned me 10,000 shillings (about 110 American dollars … an act unheard of here in Nakuru) to give him so they could start repairing his car immediately.

The total cost to fix both cars was about 280 American dollars. Labor is extraordinarily cheap in Nakuru. Took a bite out of our budget but we feel very blessed no one was hurt and everyone is happy.

Well; moving on to more happy news.. we are having wonderful spiritual, free, and fun Gatherings!! We have broken out of the old Kenya (and American) religious traditions and the Kenyans love it!

When we first come together on Sunday morning, we take 20 minutes just to fellowship with each other and speak of what has God done in our lives throughout the week.

Then we sit back down in a semi-circle so we don’t have to spend the whole service looking at the back of each other’s head and share what we just heard! People come to the front and begin telling what God has done throughout the week. This is fast becoming the most favored part of our Gatherings and fills us with a lot of joy.

Suddenly spontaneous singing breaks out, our worship team comes to the front and we all begin to praise the Lord for His goodness.

Children then begin to dance and the dancing quickly spreads all over the Gathering! The children weave in and out the isles gyrating with joy. All this is led by our Samburu princess (at least to us) … Sara.

Our Sunday school is becoming Funday school …

and our school, StoneHouse Academy, is booming! We have gone from 65 students to over a hundred! Amma is teaching a Friday morning bible study that all the children love!


StoneHouse Academy is finally a completely legal primary/nursery school and these are the documents to prove it. It took a lot to get them.

We hope to increase the quality of education and the enjoyment that these children should have while attending school.

We have already made many physical improvements

and addressed safety issues around the school. And with the help of our friends we want to do even more.
The boys now have a urinal next to their bathroom and upon completion it became necessary that all of them try it out.
We are pleased to announce… it met with their approval.

The holes in the walkways are fixed, avoiding nasty falls…

Our high tech kitchen has been enlarged and equipped with a wonderful new cook! The menu for today is beans and rice. The only attribute the menu has in common with God and is that it is … the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. 😉

Our cheerful new cook prepares the meals in payment for her kids attending the school and she loves it! We have begun a program where all the parents must contribute something in return for their children attending our school. If they cannot afford tuition we accept services or vegetables! 

Other things coming up are …
We have been invited to speak at a conference for the pastors of 22 churches in Kenya and 5 from Uganda! We will be speaking the first of August. Please be praying!

We have been asked to open a school in Samburu which is the land of the of the Massai tribe. We want to do it! More on that later.

We have been invited to oversee 4 more churches in Nakuru! We are not sure what to do so please… Pray! Pray! Pray!

So as you can see our plates full.  Yet, for a couple of old people we seem to be holding up great. Even though Kuja, our german shepherd watch dog, and Paka, our insurance against rats in the house, get mad enough to bite one another’ head off ….

They always kiss and make up!

And we know why we’re all are doing so well too… it’s because of your constant love, prayers and support. May our Father bless each and every one of you who are standing and working with us!

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  Much love …. David and Cynthia