DOSSIE … And the Gift of Imparting God’s Love

Blessed be the Name of the Lord
June 6, 2022
Remembering Mark
July 5, 2022

‘Heaven’s Family’ (our partners from an actually awesome ministry based in America) sent us one of their ministering angels, to visit our family here in Africa. As a result, we experienced our Father’s grace and her extraordinary gift of impartation. Dossie, through much pain, has developed the ability to impart ‘the great affection’ of Christ’s Love to people.

Many of you know we minister Christ to the Tumaini Boarding High School girls. These girls are from all over Kenya and many come from troubled homes. We started with 38 or so and now have over 120 attendings.

Our fellowship there was started by a teacher called Hellen who lives in Windy Hill Community. Hellen faithfully takes care of these girls. After we teach, Hellen councils, and explain the teachings five days a week. Sometimes she spends the night with them answering the many questions that arise from the teachings and addressing their personal problems. She is our follow-up.

Last Sunday, Dossie accompanied us to Tumaini. She shared from her heart and began loving on the girls. The response was immediate and overwhelming. After a young girl asked for a hug, literally every one of the 120 began lining up for an embrace. You could see the affectionate love being imparted.

Dossie departed for a week of ministry in Kitale, Kenya to minister for Heaven’s Family visiting widows and abandoned women. Katie, her teenage daughter is staying with us. Dossie will return to us on Thursday before leaving on her next assignment to Rwanda. Please pray for her as she reveals ‘the great affection’ of Christ’s love.

Blessings from The StoneHouse