Discipleship Training Center (DTC)

The Three Musketeers
The Three Musketeers
August 7, 2020
August 14, 2020

In the middle of everything else happening since the beginning of the new year … an exciting new project emerged and is progressing on the Hill. The DTC (discipleship training center) project was started in February 2020 and has been funded by our loving friends in America. Funds never come all at once, but rather… pole, pole (slowly, slowly) as needed. Although we are always amazed by our Father’s timing with His provision.

All materials (with the exception of concrete, rebar, and steel windows) have been obtained from our own natural resources here on the land. Construction began in early January with our brother Robert and his helpers making blocks for the walls, cutting into the side of the cliff hand carrying the sand, gravel, and quarried stone to the site.

The DTC will be two stories high (top for men and the bottom for the ladies) and each floor will hold up to eighteen beds, a toilet, and two showers. There is also room for study tables, and places for clothes and personal effects. We hope the first floor will be ready by the end of this year.

On the bottom floor, there will also be a 10×10 health and wellness room that will provide both treatment and instructions in addressing the many accidental or health issues arriving almost every week/day here on the Hill.

The DTC will provide rooms for … discipleship training, both adult and youth events, weddings, and accommodations for seminars, conferences, and occasional weekend pastors retreats among other happenings. Alongside the kitchen and pavilion, the DTC will be fully equipped for just about anything. The building, kitchen, and pavilion may even become available for other people and churches in providing a venue for their events. This could provide more funding for StoneHouse Ministries to advance the Kingdom.

Additional furnishings will be needed when the building is completed. Bunk beds, mattresses sheets, towels, tables, chairs, etc. Help with the funding of any of these items would be awesome. Click here to help with funding.

Blessings from Windy Hill Disciples