Dan and Milly’s Wedding

Youth Camp 2017!
December 9, 2017
Josephine’s New House
January 10, 2018

December the 23rd of 2017, was a special day for Milly, Dan and the StoneHouse family. Milly and Dan were joined in Christ by the amen of the church. These two people are members of our Keptembwa StoneHouse church family.



We are progressively trying to change Kenyan mindsets like … “we have to go into a lot of debt to have a nice wedding.” It is absolutely ludicrous to think that way… especially when you live in an impoverished neighborhood. This wedding was the beginning of changing some of that thinking. With everyone’s help it was a great time together and very inexpensive.

The fancy carriage for the bride and her family, was was our 35 year old Peugeot. It was the only eight person car we had.  But no one was looking at it’s age or condition …They were waiting for the beautiful bride. The entourage was met by many, many friends, who desperately loved Milly and Dan.

In Kenyan tradition, her feet were not allowed to touch the ground, until she is seated and waiting for the groom.

All eyes were focused on her, as she entered the ‘tent of meeting’. She graciously sat down and began waiting for her king’s arrival.




Suddenly, everyone stood and the music began to play, signaling the king had arrived. He was brought in, by his royal guardians, dancing down the path to his tent.

They were followed by beautiful dancing maidens.

As the groom patiently watched his beautiful bride, in the tent across from him, the guardians and maidens began to dance together, celebrating the king and queen’s union.

Then, as they were called together, by the two shepherds who had faithfully watched over them, the king lifted the veil and beheld his beloved queen.


Then bride and groom were led to the tent of unity, to be instructed in the ways of heavenly marriage. It was beautiful.

Wedding cake was served and everyone prepared to depart, to Windy Hill Christian Community, for a photoshoot.

Our newly, partially constructed conference center, called ‘The Eagle’s Nest’, provided many beautiful places for great pics.


The Guardians looked on with amusement as Dan became aware of the ‘load’ he had taken on. We all joyfully admitted … it had been a very wonderful day. Hallelujah! 

Blessings from Africa … The StoneHouse Family.