Covenant Communications Conference

Heaven’s Family Micro-Loan Ministry
July 30, 2022
George and Christine
September 10, 2022

For all those who prayed for our Covenant Communications Conference… bless and thank you. Our Father was abundantly present and raised the bar of our communication with each other. It was hands down the best conference we ever had. Filled with questions, discussions, and even some fiery communication. We are learning slowly how to communicate … spiritually.

What we had prayed for … clarity and truth … happened. We have been burdened for a while to be able to better communicate on all levels of our church life. Families, leadership, men women, and children are learning to speak the truth in love. We are discovering the vast difference between talking and communicating. Talking involves our tongues and ears, whereas communication involves our whole being, body, soul, and spirit.

People began arriving Friday night to spend time together eating, sharing, and fellowshipping in our homes all over Windy Hill. Then Saturday morning after breakfast, we gathered together in the pavilion for teaching. It was by far the most open and clear conference ever.

After Saturday’s teaching and dinner that night, the brothers, on their own, got together and confronted each other about differences and difficulties they were having changing their traditions concerning ministry in their respective gatherings. We have taught members the importance of exercising their gifts and contributing their hearts in meetings.

Our prayers were that on Sunday meeting people that have heard this important teaching … could see it being practiced. So we invited the members of Miti Mingi church to come and do what they do every Sunday.

The result was amazing. Our Father brought the members of the Miti Mingi church, the leaders from the other churches, and even some of our neighbors. It was a visible demonstration of what we teach. Almost three hours of … seeing and being amazed at the power of 1Cor. 12:4-11 in the old, the young, men, women, teenagers even children.

The visiting leaders were amazed at the maturity, depth, and insight of those who spoke. The visiting neighbors asked if they could join our church and the Miti Mingi members shined. We, Cynthia and I, were absolutely delighted. Praise Jesus … all glory belongs to Him.