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Raised in the Newness of Life
March 1, 2021
2021 American Trip
March 29, 2021

Whataweekend! Last weekend was busy and profitable. Saturday we gathered the local church leaders together and studied a further revelation concerning salvation. Our new church’s leaders in Nairobi spent the weekend with us on Windy Hill and were blessed by the fellowship and teaching which ended with breaking bread.

Yesterday they emailed us with these words…

Praise God brother, mentor, and friend in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, we were so impressed and touched by your spiritual teachings you expounded to us in deep just like Jesus who told Peter to launch in deep and catch the fish. It was so amazing when you stressed on how to become a full and complete salvation we ought to regenerate, transform, and imitate Christ Jesus the key milestone of the church, meaning we were to change.

We appreciated your hospitality while we were in Nakuru at your residence, thanks for the delicious meals were prepared by the chefs, the brethren of Nairobi are so excited to find a true religion of our Lord Jesus Christ who is our King and Lord, it’s nothing but the truth, brother David, God brought you in Kenya for a purpose, and that reason is to reach out to the unreached, you are the best mentor and father in the body of Christ.

May the Lord our God grant you journey mercies as you oversee stone house churches worldwide, together we shall make it brother, let’s join hands and allow Christ reign, we are there to serve not to be served, sir.

Nairobi church salutes you while they long to see you. greetings to our mum Cynthia tell her Nairobi brothers miss you so much. Otherwise, our trip back to Nairobi was safe just because of your prayers when we were leaving.

God bless stone house churches to expand rapidly, God bless you being our mentor and our director.

Yours your son in Christ,
Sospeter Barasa or Peter.

Sunday morning we had a great discussion with twenty questions the fifty young women (and two of our young men) had compiled. Next week we begin the teaching on baptism.

Later that day the Kinjahi church came together to baptize two more disciples … this is becoming a weekly occurrence.

Pray for us as we prepare for our trip to America.