Coming Home Part 2

Adventures in traveling home to Kenya!
May 14, 2021
A Word About Mary…
May 28, 2021

The rest of our trip home to Windy Hill was filled with many little ‘divine interventions’ too numerous to mention. Suffice to say we made it back filled with gratitude and thanksgiving. We almost got down and kissed the ground in Kenya because we were so grateful to be safely back with all our luggage. Two of those divine interventions happening while we were gone stood out.

After a good sleep, the next morning we traveled to Nakuru into the welcoming arms of our brothers and sisters living at Windy Hill Christian Community. It was an emotional and joyful reunion. Our little doggies (Angel and Max) were so grateful to see us home.

Last Sunday, we feasted with our brethren in celebrating our reunion. We were also amazed at what the Lord had done while we were gone. The brothers had added another church and another couple of amazing things took place.

The first happened when a swarm of locust descended on Windy Hill and threatened to decimate our gardens and foliage. As they began to land, Njeroge (one of the men living with us on WH) lifted his hands and desperately said … “please go somewhere else” Within minutes a great wind came and blew them completely off our property. See Exodus 10:19

The second divine intervention came as follows. Our Father said to Abraham, “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you” … this is a promise to the people of God (Gen. 12:1) and it’s as true now as it was when it was first spoken to Abraham. We recently had a situation involving two chiefs (in the local government) in which this promise was clearly seen.

One of our older members, John Kilimani, (who had no living relatives) died and left his property to Joshua, our overseer for the church in Njoro. As so often happens in Kenya when someone dies, people show up claiming to be related to the deceased in order to claim his property. In this case, a woman showed up claiming to be a long-lost wife to the deceased. One of the local chiefs recognized the scam and backed us up. The other, in hopes of making money off the woman’s false claim, backed her up.

The result was the government ruled in Joshua’s favor and when they buried John and the ‘bad’ chief died and was buried the same day in the same cemetery as John. Lesson to be learned … don’t mess with the people of God.