The Glorious Wedding
December 21, 2019
Update on Well Project
January 20, 2020


First of all, we wish all our family and friends a blessed Christmas day. We just got through watching ‘The Nativity’. It’s a movie about the birth of Christ and the beautiful story of Mary and Joseph’s travail in carrying out the circumstances of Christ’s amazing entrance into this troubled world. I cannot watch it without crying. How blessed we are to have such a wondrous King.

Christmas Eve was a blessed day! Thanks to Ann (Wangui’s and Njeroge’s oldest daughter), Heaven’s Family, and the StoneHouse Family, we were able to bring Christ’s love to around seventy families today. Due to the impoverished neighborhood, we live in, almost everyone has severe needs. So, like last year, we wanted to ensure that many of them had a good Christmas meal.

So we loaded up the grub and set out on a three-hour drive/walk to deliver the foodstuffs for Christmas Day. It was totally awesome. Blind people, crippled people, orphans, widows and a lot of lonely people both old and young were made happy.

These pictures are just a few of those that tasted Christ’s love.

Anyway… May you all have a Blessed Christmas and a good start on a completely new year. Blessings from the StoneHouse Family of Christ.