November 16, 2020
Happy Thanksgiving
November 27, 2020

Our Father has blessed us with so many opportunities to preach the gospel and make disciples. Last Saturday, we, Njeroge and I were asked to share the Word of the Kingdom with some local people. They had been gathered together by a family for the express reason of helping their family and neighbors cope with a recent tragedy. I was struggling with a ‘bout with gout’, other pressing needs and had only a short window of opportunity in which to arrive and speak.

The family and neighbors had recently experienced the loss of a mother and grandmother, due to alcoholism from the illegal home brew called chan’ga. Chan’ga, pronounced ‘chanya’, has killed scores of people in our area just this year.

The fifty or so people along with six pastors listened intently as we spoke of the only hope of deliverance from such malevolent power, by a stronger power. That being… living in the Spirit and in the authentic Body of Christ and not living in yourself. Romans 8:1-6

The result was six adults bowed down and received Christ as their Lord. We will be meeting with other local pastors from different fellowships to discuss how to engage this common and deadly enemy.

Do not fear the pandemic, rather embrace it and use it for the glory of God. Be ready in season (when its convenient) and out of season (when its not convenient) to speak the the gospel of the Kingdom. Pray for us as we battle the powers of darkness for the lives and souls of men here in Kenya.